Patterns and textures and grains, oh my!

Trout Workshop is on a mission to deliver high quality designs you (and your home!) will love, through craftsmanship that emphasizes all the natural beauty of the materials.

How it started

Trent Trout, a Michigan native, has been inspired by the versatile woods of the world since he was a kid learning in his dad's shop. He began Trout Workshop in 2016 by reimagining the household items you know & love in a way that celebrates the distinct characteristics of the wood.

How it's going

It turns out everyday household items aren't the only things that need upgrading! So we've taken that same spirit of artistry and expanded our craft into clever new products and custom requests. The best part? Every piece has a story buried beneath the grain, ensuring it comes out of our shop feeling one-of-a-kind (just like the person who ordered It!)

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